Health Stores – My 5 Recommendation in London

Are you looking for health stores in London?

There is massive awareness of a healthy lifestyle in London, including nutrition, high-quality supplements, aromatherapy, and natural beauty products.

Here are my favourite places to shop for healthy options in London, United Kingdom.

There are many Health food stores all over London and thanks to an easy google search you will find the ones near you.

The following are my favourites.

Chain Health stores

Whole foods market

The same big chain from the U.S. offers London local and fresh products. You can find the latest health food trends, high-quality brands and a knowledgeable team that provides excellent customer support.

My favourite store is in Piccadilly Circus. I highly recommend visiting this store next time you are around the London centre. 

Furthermore, as whole foods are part of Amazon, you can find most of its products on the Amazon website if you want to buy online. 

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Planet Organic 

Another excellent health stores chain in London.

In Planet organic, they always innovate and supply their stores with the latest healthy food and products.

They offer a great selection of organic produce and a lovely customer experience.

For instance, the lovely local store in Muswell hill has a great coffee area where you can enjoy the charming village-style view with the big windows instead of walls; in other words, the perfect place to take a break. 

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Local health stores

Haelan Centre

Located in Crouch End, the owners with 50 years of business experience offer a beautiful store with a wooden floor that sells everything you need at great prices.

You will find a wide selection of foods, fresh organic produce, nutritional supplements, books, natural and skincare.

In addition, a clinic that provides a range of natural treatments. 

Olivers- food for thought Kew Gardens 

The beautiful store near the Kew Gardens offers a wide variety of organic health foods, supplements and herbal products and a wide variety of natural skincare, cosmetics, and many more products.

I highly recommend visiting this store because they have great products and great prices!

After that, don’t forget to pay a visit to the amazing Kew Gardens!

Alara health foods store

A lovely store, located in Russel Square, with a great in-store cafe that offers vegetarian and vegan foods selections, above all a kind team that always provides advice and customer support with a smile and great prices!

In conclusion, these are my favourites.

If you are around, check them out!



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