Not so long ago, seasonal eating wasn’t even something we needed to consider. It was natural to us, the food was available according to its season, and we know to attach the plants with the seasons.
Today when we go to the supermarket, it seems like all year round everything is available. Even though it is nice to have all the possibilities, choosing to eat seasonally is very beneficial to your body and the environment.

The food in the season has better flavour and texture, higher nutritional value, lower cost and a smaller environmental footprint.

What’s in season right now?

Check out the chart according to the time of the year.

I recommend you to visit your local farmers market and see what’s in the season. In most of the supermarkets, you will find ‘in the season’ sticker or promotion on fresh produce.

Eating by the seasons is a great way to a healthier diet. It is very enjoyable to be creative and combine seasonal recipes in your kitchen 🙂

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