About Paz By Nature

What is the meaning of Paz By Nature’s Logo?

Paz By Nature logo design was inspired by the ‘Eye of Horus’, an ancient Egyptian symbol that connects us to ancient wisdom.

Nature’s ancient wisdom can be found in natural remedies like herbal medicine, aromatherapy, nutrition, and spirituality.

In Spanish, PAZ means peace. In Hebrew, PAZ means gold.

The ‘Paz By Nature’ logo symbolises our golden inner nature.

Paz By Nature core values-

  1. Healthy lifestyle
  2. Positive thinking
  3. High quality and sustainable ingredients in the diet and products
  4. Environmental friendly
  5. New opportunities to make a positive change
Pazit Azoulay
Pazit Azoulay
Valerio Lupo
Valerio Lupo

Who We are

We live and love natural medicine.

In 2019, Valerio and Pazit opened Paz By Nature Ltd together, and since then, we support our clients happily and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Pazit Azoulay is Paz By Nature Director and a registered Naturopath (ND MNNA CNHC GNC), Herbalist, Bach Flower Remedies therapist and Aromatherapist.

Valerio Lupo is Paz By Nature Director and Marketing Manager. 

We support clients in the clinic and brands in the London area and the UK. 

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