Creating Aroma with Essential Oils

Blending Essential oils by the fragrance pyramid, THE CONNECTION BETWEEN AROMA, EMOTIONS & MEMORIES

Blending Essential oils by the fragrance pyramid is one of the techniques to create good perfume blend.

The fragrance pyramid is a composition of a fragrance notes- top, heart and base notes. Working with the fragrance pyramid will help you to balance the scent of your blend. 

In this way, you can create a lovely aroma to your aromatherapy therapeutical blend. 

The notes in the pyramid divided by the time that takes the molecules to evaporate.

An essential oil may be classified as a specific note, but will still contain some characteristics of the other two.

Top Notes- at the top of the pyramid, there are light, refreshing notes.

Their scent will be the first impression when you exposed to the fragrance. Consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. These ingredients are volatile, light and fresh.

Mid (Heart) Notes

These are the notes that give the fragrance its character and intensity. The base notes begin to arrive and fully develop within 10 minutes and will remain on the skin for up to 3 hours. They can mask an unpleasant initial impression of base notes, which become more pleasant with time. The scent of middle note compounds is usually more soft and “rounded”.

At first, the top and mid notes exist at the same time. Then the middle notes become more dominant as the scent continues to mature.

Base Notes

These notes are more grounding, balancing and providing depth to the scent. The base note appears within 30 minutes and will last for a few hours. Essences belong to this category have rich aromas, which provide the scent more ‘body’, longevity and use as a fixative note.

Tips for Blending 

  • Check the scent of your creations as they evaporate in different stages when the blend diffuses into the air.
  • Use Perfume Blotters or Cotton Balls, to test small amounts of your blend. 

I hope this information will help you to make your own essential oils blends with beautiful and uplifting scents. 


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