Cherry Plum- Bach Flower Remedy- Fear to lose control

Cherry Plum- Bach Flower Remedy- Fear to lose control

The remedy for who fears to lose control of their behaviour.

Cherry Plum remedy helping people who are afraid of their action and the damage they can cause themselves and others if they lose control of their actions.

Losing control can be caused by emotional stress that arises from a destructive impulse.

This remedy can be used also for who needs to be always in control of their life.

The positive effect of this remedy is a feeling calmer and being able to think and act rationally.
The remedy acts to defuse the situation and the associated emotional traumas that can arise as a result of it.

cherry plum Bach flower remedy
Cherry plum remedy gives you the courage to deal with the crisis, helps to restore the logical thinkingת control your actions and resolving whatever is causing this behaviour.


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