Cinnamon & Blood Sugar Balancing


Cinnamon & Blood Sugar Balancing

How to use cinnamon to balance blood sugar levels? Cinnamon is one of the most healthy and delicious spices in the world! Many herbs can support blood sugar balancing. Cinnamon has been researched as one of them. Diabetes management includes:
  • healthy eating
  • regular exercise
  • blood sugar monitoring
  • sometimes diabetes medications or insulin therapy
  • you can eat cinnamon/ other herbs (that balances blood sugar levels) as part of a healthy diet or take it as a supplement.*If you are taking any medication, please consult with your health care provider before taking supplements.
CINNAMON Scientific Names (Latin names)

Cinnamomum verum/ Cinnamomum zeylanicum/ Laurus cinnamomum

Some research suggests that Ceylon cinnamon has antidiabetic effects.

A systematic review and meta-analysis have been shown that Ceylon cinnamon(1):

  • lower glucose absorption after a meal
  • enhance cellular glucose uptake
  • improve glucose metabolism and glycogen synthesis
  • inhibit gluconeogenesis
  • stimulate insulin release

Cinnamon is used in natural medicine, mainly for regulating blood glucose levels.

  • Research from 2006 tested 79 patients who have diabetes mellitus type 2 that are not on insulin therapy but treated with oral antidiabetics or diet.

  • In a double-blind study, the patients were randomly assigned to take either a cinnamon extract or a placebo capsule three times a day for 4 months.

  • The amount of cinnamon extract corresponded to 3g of cinnamon powder per day.

  • There was a significantly higher reduction in the plasma glucose level of the cinnamon group (10.3%) than in the placebo group (3.4%). (2)

The cinnamon that is recommended to use is Ceylon cinnamon.

Most of the cinnamon sold in the stores is not the Ceylon cinnamon, but Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia), which looks and tastes similar to cinnamon.

Even though Ceylon cinnamon is more expensive, it is preferred due to its ultra-low coumarin levels and the mild, delicate taste. (3)

Cinnamon has a naturally sweet flavour. It can be used to sweeten your meals or coffee instead of sugar.

It is also giving extra flavour to savoury dishes like soup or stew.

You can use the cinnamon sticks or sprinkle some ground cinnamon.

Use about half a teaspoon a day.

There are many ways to consume cinnamon. Cinnamon is available also in capsule form that usually contains a more concentrated dose of cinnamon. For the supplement form, I recommend this one from viridin – Chromium & Cinnamon Complex.


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