How are You? Covid 19 Lockdown Updates

Hi there my beautiful readers!

How are you?

Covid 19  breakout during 2020 has created a difficult time for all of us worldwide!

I wanted to reach out and share some naturopathy tips that will hopefully help you keep positivity and a healthy lifestyle during Covid 19 lockdown. 

2020 is a challenging year, and many started to learn about the importance of a well-being healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle will support your well-being and your immune system and help you keep some balance through a difficult time.

I want to share with you one of the first principles I learned about Naturopathy.

There is a need to balance 3 basic aspects for a healthy life: Movement, Nourishment and Detoxification.

Movement is our ability to be active and inflow both in mind and body.

We can support this principle by taking a daily walk, for example, or explore new interesting ideas.

It is important not to get stuck in the past. Bach flower remedies that might help in this case is Honeysuckle, that relates to moving forward and not getting stuck on the past. And Rock Water that helps us with flexibility and flow of life. 

Nourishment relates to our ability to nourish our body with the nutrients it needs

By eating a healthy and balanced diet that includes all the essential macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). 

As you all know, how much is important to have enough vitamin D. You can create this vitamin by 20 minutes daily exposure to the sun in sunnier countries, from the diet, and in some cases also from a nutritional supplement.

Vitamin D has been in the headline because it supports the immune system. In research from Spain, it has been found that vitamin D helps people to reduce the severity of covid 19

Another nutrient that might be very beneficial now is magnesium, which also helps activate vitamin D3 and help us sleep better and cope better with stress, especially magnesium bisglycinate. 

On the detoxification point, I recommend removing toxins from your life.

Toxins come in many ways, from the environment or inner thoughts. 

If it is in the form of fears, you can use Bach flowers Aspen and Mimulus to help to cope with worries, or if it is toxins from the environment and the diet drinking a green smoothie for breakfast can help. 

Another excellent way to support the body natural detox is to take a bath with essential oils like lemon and orange or diffuse them in your house.

That’s it for now! Stay safe wherever you are in the world! I send you lots of love and wish you health and happiness!
Xx Paz  


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