DETOX PLANNER- Get Ready For A Healthy Summer

superfood smoothie

How to start & plan Detox? What to eat during detox?

Summer is almost here, Spring is the best time to perform a detox! Detox can be enjoyable process especially if you plan it well!

Read more about what is detox?

On This short post, I will share with you my guidelines for detox.

Week 1- preparation

Detox requires physical and mental adjustment. Before you start to do a detox follow the next steps:

  1. Write a food diary for a week- follow on which types of foods you are eating.
  2. Increase the good bacteria in your gut! You can do this both by taking a supplement of probiotics and by eating and drinking fermented foods.
    Read about probiotics and fermented food more here
  3. Start to eliminate foods from your diet- Cut off processed foods, fast food and alcohol! Reduce the amount of sugar, caffeine, wheat and meat that you eating and choose healthier meals.
  4. Increase the intake of healthier meals, nutrients dense foods.
  5. Choose healthy cooking methods like steaming, broths, casseroles and lightly roast. Choose the best way that will preserve the nutrients of the food.
  6. Drink water- at least 2 litres a day!
  7. Write your goals for the detox! For example healthier lifestyle, better sleeping, improved energy, concentration, clearer skin, better digestion and emotional balance can be all in your checklist.
Yellow split pea Fava, roasted vegetables on Polenta crackers, fresh Salad
Yellow split pea Fava, roasted vegetables on Polenta crackers, fresh Salad

Week 2- start the process

  1. Remove all processed and refined foods. Especially artificial sweeteners, food colouring and additives, sugary snacks, fizzy drinks, foods that contain hydrogenated fats and GMO.
  2. Add superfoods and vitamins! Adjust them according to your goals. During the detox, it is important to choose natural and food based vitamins. For example magnesium for better sleep and muscle cramps. Spirulina as a healthy multivitamin and mineral superfood.
  3. Cut off foods that are high in sugar and salt, yeast products, milk and dairy, citric acid, red meats and caffeine.
  4. Add sourdough rye bread, whole grains, fermented foods, nuts and seeds, herbs and spices, healthy oils and fats, pulses and legumes, oily fish and lean meats.
  5. Eat 5 times a day- aim to eat at least every three hours, to avoid sugar spikes that raise the stress hormone- Cortisol.
    3 main meals- breakfast, lunch & dinner.
    2  healthy snacks.
  6. It is important to consume a good source of fibre to help your bowels work efficiently.
    Eat light leafy greens every day like baby leaf salad.
rice noodles,carrot, zucchini and green peas
Rice noodles, carrot, zucchini and green peas

Week 3-deep cleansing

  1. Try to be Vegetarian for a week! Remember to eat protein in sufficient amount! Healthy source of protein is tofu, beans, legumes, pulses in a right combination with whole grains, eggs are also a good source of protein.
  2. During this week include citrus fruits that have antiseptic and cleaning properties and dark leafy greens that are rich in chlorophyll, for example, broccoli and kale.
  3. Seaweed, avocado, beetroot, turmeric and garlic will be also useful during the second week of detox.
  4. Support the detox with herbal tea like dandelion, burdock, nettle, chamomile and Turmeric.

Finished the detox!

  1. Embrace your new healthy habits, you can start slowly to ease yourself off the detox plan.
  2. Resist returning to unhealthy habits and enjoy the benefits you have gained.
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