FALL IN PRAGUE | Travel & Inspiration guide for lovely autumn in Prague


Prague – a city of mystery and legends, an ancient city full of history, beautiful buildings, different art styles and magic in the streets.

Last week I travelled to Prague and fell in love with this magical city.


Prague has a lot to offer visitors,
for me, it was mostly time to rest, a break from everyday busy London life,
time to enjoy good food, walk around beautiful streets,
enjoy one of the most romantic cities
and be inspired by the history of the place, colours and the beautiful architecture.

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” Franz Kafka

Prague Franz Kafka sculpture
sculpture in form of the famous Czech writer Franz Kafka

My blog talks about health and beauty mostly.

I always love to connect you my dear readers with all the things that are inspiring to me and share with you my love for them.

On this blog post, I will not talk about health in the matters of supplements, creams or any substances that can be used to nurture your health.

But I wish to inspire while I am sharing with you other health aspects.

The health that coming from the soul by exploring new places, resting and discovering.


Many people compare Prague to Paris and even to Rome,
because of the unique beauty and romance of this city.

John Lennon Wall
John Lennon Wall


The city attracts visitors for many reasons,

a lot of the tourists arrive because of the holistic and religious history of the city.

Charles Bridge
Charles Bridge

Interesting facts about the history of Prague..(1)

  • The Prague Castle is founded around 880 by prince Bořivoj of the Premyslid dynasty.
  • Charles IV rules the country (1346-1378) and will be remembered as the most beloved Czech king.
  •  Prague becomes one of the most prosperous cities in Europe and the cultural capital of Central Europe.
  •  Charles University is established in 1348 and becomes the first university in Central Europe.
  • Charles IV elected Holy Roman Emperor in 1355; Prague becomes the capital of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Construction of Charles Bridge begins in 1357.
  • 16th century and Prague’s Second Golden Age- Prague becomes the centre of science and alchemy and earns the nickname “Magic Prague”.
    Many famous scientists are attracted to Prague, such as astronomers Tycho de Brahe and Johannes Kepler.
  • 20th century- The Austro-Hungarian empire falls in 1918 and Prague becomes the capital of independent Czechoslovakia.
  • The Velvet Revolution starts in Prague on November 17, 1989, and brings an end to communism.
    Czechoslovakia becomes a democratic country.
  • Czechoslovakia splits into two independent countries, Czech Republic and Slovakia on January 1, 1993. Prague becomes the capital of the Czech Republic. 

We chose to visit Prague in the autumn, enjoying the beautiful colours of the city


In the streets, you can see each building coloured differently, yet the colours fit perfectly with each other…

Many buildings are in the Rococo and Gothic style.


As part of a trip to Prague, you can enjoy walking in the beautiful parks with all their observation points.Prague

We visited in October just before winter.

The weather was cold but still good to travel,

Of course, it is important to dress well.

On the next post, I’ll  upload a short video with some of the magical places we’ve seen.

Enjoy until the next time ❤





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