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What is your perfect smoothie?

Would you prefer the green fresh smoothie, milkshake or protein shake? You can make all of these in a healthy version, that will boost your health and your consumption of fruits and veg!

The reason that I love to make smoothies so much is that you have lots of options! 

You can choose different flavours every day and get a significant amount of available vitamins and minerals, fibre, proteins and healthy fats in a tasty drink, which can be considered a meal.


I like to drink my smoothie with green leaves and fruits. 

Adding some extra nutrition boost with superfoods like Goji Berries, Acerola powder, Oats and Chia seeds. 

Greens are important for a healthy digestive system; they contain fibre, beta carotene and chlorophyll.

It is easy!

Basic Smoothie Recipe

Basic Smoothie Recipe

  • Step 1- add greens/ protein powders or both.
  • Step 2 –add fruits.
  • Step 3- extras! Like nuts, goji berries, chia seeds, oats.
  • Step 4- water/ coconut water/ different kinds of plant-based milk.
  • Blend all the ingredients. 

Sometimes I add berries to create a more sour taste. 

Some mornings I want my smoothie to be sweeter, so I add a banana or a mango.

The liquid amount is approximately 1 cup, add more or less depending on the consistency of the smoothie that you like.

Include some good fats sources of omega 3, by adding chia seeds, hemp seeds or flaxseeds.

Share with me in the comments below what is your perfect smoothie? 

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