Beautiful and healthy hair starts from the inside. 

Many products in the beauty industry promise to improve your hair appearance and make it healthier. Sometimes, the result can be quite the opposite. Certain ingredients can negatively influence the hair appearance for the long run and increase hair loss. 

A real change comes from the inside. 

Healthy hair is the outcome of proper nourishment and treatment of your hair.

hair care- healthy hair

The hair appearance is influenced by:

  • Nutrition includes eating a healthy, varied diet that includes all the vitamins and minerals fundamental for healthy roots and hair loss prevention. Lack of minerals like Zinc and Iron and vitamins like B vitamins are associated with hair loss and dry hair. 1 
    It is also vital to keep the right level of healthy fats in your diet, like omega 3.  
    Hair growth may be negatively impacted by not eating enough calories and key nutrients like protein.
  • Genetics – genetic factors determine hair texture, for example, if the hair is straight, wavy or curly, and its thickness.
    Genetics can be related to many other conditions that we inherit. We can support our body in this area by taking preventive actions if we know of genetic predisposition.
  • The weather – if the air is dry or moist, it affects your hair’s health and appearance.
  • Stress can increase hair loss- but this doesn’t have to be permanent. If you learn to manage your stress, your hair might grow back. 2
  • Hair products that we use.

How to take care of your hair and nourish it to be more healthy?

Hair mask

Once a week, I recommend doing a nourishing oil hair mask as a treatment overnight or for a few hours before shampooing.

Try the olive oil mask- you can read all about this olive oil DIY mask here. Olive oil nourishes the hair and helps to fight dry & frizzy hair. It also moisturises the skin on your scalp.

Or you can try another oil – coconut, jojoba and castor oil are also fantastic for the hair!

Hair products

Try to avoid any silicones, mineral oil and parabens in your shampoo/conditioner!

Silicones & mineral oil

One of the problems with silicones and mineral oil is that they create a coating on the hair, which doesn’t allow your hair to breathe.

Also, when you apply continuously on the hair, the silicone coating creates buildup, leading to breakage.

Try to use avocado oil on your ends instead of silicon. It gives excellent results and seals the split ends.


Parabens are a preservative found in many cosmetics products. 

Studies have shown that some parabens can mimic the hormones’ activity in the cells and cause endocrine disruption. 


Regularly trim your hair! Once every six months at least and sometimes even more often, this will preserve your hair length and keep it healthy.


  • When you use a hairdryer, first let the hair naturally dry while kept inside a towel.
  • Then, blow-dry your hair, keeping the dryer relatively far from the hair at all times and moving it around continuously.

I hope you find the tips helpful. What is your healthy hair care routine? 

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