This article is the third in a blog post series about healthy skincare. 


This series will present the essentials, easiest, safest, most natural, inexpensive and healthy steps you can take to help your skin being healthier and naturally glowing!

In the previous post, I talked about smoothies and antioxidants. In my opinion, drinking smoothies is an easy way to consume a significant amount of veggie & fruits at once and provide your body with the nutrients that it need.

But, there is more about nutrition and healthy skin that you should know!

Antioxidants Smoothie

Antioxidants for Healthy Skin

The most important part of keeping our skin healthy and glowing is by eating healthy nutrition. Some of the vitamins and minerals in our body works as antioxidants, in addition to their other vital roles.

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In this post, I'll share with you my guidelines about nutrition and skincare.

As we previously discussed, good nutrition is one of the keys to healthy skin.

skin care nutrition

“Good Nutrition” – it’s not only what you eat! It is also how you eat!

Sometimes you can eat a wide variety of nutrients, but those nutrients can’t absorb well in the body, and this can also influence your health and skin appearance. 

Different reasons can cause malabsorption of nutrients.  For example, your body does not break down and digest the food properly (lack of digestive enzymes), or there is low/high acidity in the stomach (pH imbalance), stress and certain health problems.

Each person is unique and has unique needs, according to their lifestyle and health conditions. 

Here are some guidelines that will help you to start eating more healthy for healthier skin:

Choose your meals

“Eat like a king in the morning, a prince at noon, and a peasant at dinner.”

(Moses ben Maimon or Maimonides. 1135-1404)

  • Three main meals and, if needed, healthy snacks between meals (like fruits and nuts) will keep your metabolism working and control your blood sugar, as long as you choose healthy foods.
  • You won’t feel hungry, and your body will work better.
    Moreover, this will help you to choose your meals carefully.
    Usually, when we are “starving” for food, we aren’t making the best food choices.

Healthy food choices that offer extra benefits for healthy skin:

This rich source of iron, vitamins A, B1, B6 and C, magnesium and betalains. Beetroot supports the body detox mechanism and can be a healthy addition to add to your diet. 

Berries are excellent anti-ageing foods. Berries are an excellent source of vitamins, particularly vitamin C.

Carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, mangos and papaya are examples of β-carotene containing fruits and vegetables.
Beta-carotene is an antioxidant, provitamin A, essential for healthy skin.

With their active compound called Resveratrol, an antioxidant has been shown to have both chemopreventive and therapeutic effects against many skin conditions.

💚Green tea
This tea contains a cocktail of potent antioxidants called catechins, which help fight damage caused by free radicals. Green tea in creams appears to exert sun damage protection by fighting free radicals and reducing inflammation rather than blocking UV rays.



skin care nutrition

Keep the right balance between omega 3, 6 and 9

Eating healthy vegetable fats like avocado, walnuts, olive oil, etc., is a great way to incorporate healthy fats and skin-protecting Vitamin E.
Add fish, chia seeds and flaxseeds to your diet to provide healthy sources of omega 3.
Fatty fish provides a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Plant-based source of omega 3 is Chia seeds and Flax seeds.
Reduce or remove from the diet highly processed seed oils like soybean oil, corn oil and others. These oils contain high amounts of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are pro-inflammatory when they are in excess.

Drink water

I love to add to my water some herbs & fruits.
Try to add to your water mint and lemon or berries. There are so many great options!

Keep your plate healthy with the right proportions: ½ vegetables & fruits, ¼ whole grains and ¼ of healthy proteins.

skin care nutrition - healthy and balanced plate

You can read all about it on the Harvard website.

These portions will keep you eating various antioxidants from vegetables and provide essentials macronutrients that you need, like- proteins and carbohydrates.

And most important, enjoy exploring new flavours and a variety of foods!


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