How to Make a Delicious and Nutritious Vegan Basil Pesto with Health-Boosting Greens

How to Make a Delicious and Nutritious Vegan Basil Pesto with Health-Boosting Greens

Are you looking for a delicious and nutritious recipe that not only tastes amazing but also provides a concentrated dose of green leaves rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and healthy fatty acids from olive oil and walnuts? Look no further than this vegan homemade Basil Pesto recipe. This recipe is a great way to ensure you get the best from your diet with fresh ingredients. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of green vegetables and how incorporating them into your diet can help you achieve healthy and beautiful skin. We will also provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to make this delicious and healthy recipe.

The Benefits of Green Leaves in Homemade Pesto

Green vegetables are not only beneficial for our overall health, but they are also great for promoting healthy and beautiful skin. Greens such as spinach, kale, broccoli, basil, parsley, and collard greens are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that can help keep our skin looking its best. In addition to being rich in vitamins A, C, and E, green vegetables are high in fibre, which helps to flush out toxins from our body that can lead to dull and blemished skin.

Green vegetables are also a great source of vitamin K, which helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye bags. Moreover, leafy greens contain high levels of iron, which helps to boost blood circulation and oxygen flow to the skin, resulting in a healthy and glowing complexion.

Vegan Homemade Basil Pesto Recipe

This is not your traditional Pesto recipe, as it doesn’t include pine nuts, parmesan cheese, and garlic. Instead, it’s a delicious and healthier version that maximizes health benefits. Good quality ingredients are the basis for a healthy diet, and by slightly adjusting the recipe, you can make it even healthier.

  • Basil is a delicious source of anti-ageing antioxidants, rich in vitamins A, K, C, and manganese.
  • Parsley is a rich source of vitamins K, A, C, Folate, iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.


  • Basil (75 gr)

  • A handful of fresh Parsley

  • A handful of walnuts

  • 1/3 cup olive oil 

  • Juice of half Lemon

  • Pinch Salt and Pepper

  • Optional- you can add 2 tbsp of nutritional yeast


  1. Blend all the ingredients using a hand blender or a food processor.

  2. Optional- you can add 2 tbsp of nutritional yeast for added flavour.

  3. Keep the Pesto in a glass jar in the fridge, and before closing the jar, top up the Pesto with fresh olive oil.

  4. It will be good for 3-5 days, and you can also freeze it for later use.


Incorporating green vegetables into your daily diet can provide numerous benefits for your skin and overall health. So, if you want to maintain healthy and beautiful skin, be sure to add some greens to your meals. This vegan homemade Basil Pesto recipe is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients that will help you achieve your beauty goals. Eating beautiful has never been easier with this recipe.



Watch our video tutorial and learn how to make a delicious and nutritious vegan basil pesto


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