Hornbeam – Bach Flower Remedy that helps to start

Hornbeam – Bach Flower Remedy that helps to start

Hornbeam can be described as the remedy for Monday blues.

Do you have feelings of exhaustion and tiredness that come before an effort has been made?

Do you feel exhausted just from thinking about all the things that you have to do? Do you feel It’s easier to stay in bed or put off making a start or you consistently finding other things to do instead of the thing you need to do?

It can be a school project or a job that you delay to the last moment, even to start to exercise or after taking the decision to change something you postpone making the change?

And then when you start the project, you don’t find it difficult anymore.

The remedy helps you to get rid of those feelings of weariness, and you will be able to start doing your tasks without delaying.

Dr Bach describes Hornbeam remedy

For those who feel that they have not sufficient strength, mentally or physically, to carry the burden of life placed upon them; the affairs of every day seem too much for them to accomplish, though they generally succeed in fulfilling their task. For those who believe that some part, of mind or body, needs to be strengthened before they can easily fulfil their work.

The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies (source)


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