How to Set Up your Intention towards your Goals?


Sometimes life can seem overwhelming, and we may feel like we would like to achieve things in life that seems impossible to us.

If it is a health goal, career or relationship, personal development or any kind of other change that you desire, you should not neglect these ideas!

Instead, start to think about – why it is important to you? Why would you like to do this change?
Then work with imagination to help you doing the change.
Start by imaging how you will go through the change.

Ideas, inspiration and desires in life do not just appear from nowhere, it is a symbol of your higher self, for the path you should take in order to have more joy in life.

Use your imagination and try this simple exercise

At morning, upon awakening, take 5 minutes to practice this meditation-

Imagining your life, from the youngest age that you can remember to your current age.. remembering all the details that you can remember..
looking through your life until the current moment..
and then start imaging the future..
how you would like it to be, from today forward..

This simple easy exercise will help you to set up your goals and see more clearly the path to choose that will increase the amount of joy, happiness, excitement and inspiration in your life.

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