Frozen herbs are an easy, delicious and healthy addition to your cooking!

Keep them in your freezer and use it whenever needed.

This is a very simple way to add herbs while steam-frying or sautéing veggies or other dishes.

Many times we buy herbs, they go off within a few days, so we give up and not using fresh herbs in our dishes.

Adding herbs to your food give not only great health benefits but also a rich flavour and a lovely aroma!

In this way, you can prepare your herbs in advance, and save money and time while keeping a healthy kitchen!

In order to make frozen herbs, you can use a whole or roughly chopped herbs.

Which herbs you can use?


Another great way to preserve your herbs and then add them to roasts, stews, soups or vegetables.

Put a small amount of one or a mixture of herbs into each ice cube tray. You can keep them whole or roughly chop, Pour olive oil or melted coconut oil over each and freeze overnight, then remove them from the trays and put into bags to be ready to use!

Remember to label the bags.

You can keep and use your frozen fresh herbs for a few months, but you will see that with this simple tipת you will use them all just in a few weeks!


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