Larch- Bach Flower Remedy
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Larch- Bach Flower Remedies (COURAGE & CONFIDENCE)

What is Larch bach flower remedy?


“Let us plunge into life. 

We are here to gain experience and knowledge, and we shall learn but little unless we face realities and seek to our utmost.”

Dr. Edward Bach 

Larch remedy will support:

  • Those who lack confidence in themselves.
  • For who do not believe of themselves.
  • Ones who feel that many of life’s opportunities pass them by because of their lack of self-reliance.
  • For those full of doubt about their own ability and afraid of failure.


Cerato personalities have faith in their ability to carry out a specific task, but they are in doubt of their own judgement, so they often delay and not carry tasks through.

The Larch remedy helps those who do not have sufficient confidence to be bolder so they can to plunge into life.

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