London Natural & Organic 2018 Trade Show ExCeL – Blogger Review

London Natural & Organic 2018 trade show ExCeL - Blogger Review

My review of the London Natural & Organic Europe 2018 trade show:

The London Natural & Organic Europe show attracts companies from around the world in the natural health and beauty industry to exhibit their new products, share knowledge, and network with others in the market. As a naturopath working in London, I attended the event to stay informed with the latest developments in the industry.

I attended the show for both days of the exhibition, attended talks, and met the companies presenting at the event. This year marked my second time attending this exhibition. I was already familiar with many of the companies and the values that they share – with products that are more organic, clean, and contain better ingredients.

I am pleased to see the future of skincare and supplements moving closer to nature, with cleaner products that are free from parabens, mineral oils, and GMOs. These products are becoming more ethical, vegan, vegetarian, sustainable, eco-friendly, and fair-trade values. Companies are choosing fewer ingredients and natural preservatives over longer shelf-life ones. 



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