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Paris. Always a good idea!

One of the most beautiful cities!
You can sense the culture, beauty and 
aesthetics on every street and every corner.

The Parisian magic is between the streets! You need to walk and discover the city.

This post will expose you to the highlights, so you won’t miss the important and big places.

My way to discover each place was just by walking the streets.

I was lucky to spend months in Paris,

although I know that lots of people come here only for only a few days for a short visit to this magical city.

Therefore, my recommendation for you is to try to combine each day of your visit with one or two of my recommended places.

Paris is well known for her beautiful historical gardens.

Here are my highlights:

Let’s start 😊

Gardens of Versailles

25 minutes’ drive from Paris, you will find one of the most famous palaces in the world and its exquisite gardens.

Louis XIV, known as “king of sun” wanted to leave his mark on the world
and decided to build in Versailles the defining symbol of his power and influence in Europe.

The gardens are spectacular- you can enter free on some days
or you can buy a ticket for the Musical Fountain Shows & for the Palace, which I highly recommend doing.

[metaslider id=6140]

Jardin des Tuileries

These gardens which separate the Louvre from the Place de la Concorde are a cultural walking experience.
The gardens have two ponds which are perfect for relaxation:
to sit in the sun and enjoy the beautiful views and relaxing vibes with a glass of wine/coffee or tea alongside 🙂

Jardin des Tuileries PARIS

Jardins du Trocadéro

I think that this place is the most famous one! It’s the garden near the Eiffel Tower!

Another great option to enjoy the Eiffel View is to sit outside at a cafe in Trocadéro on a sunny day.

Jardins du Trocadéro EIFFEL

Jardin du Luxembourg

My favourite way to enjoy the sun in Paris!

You can sit there for hours and just relax, see the flowers and the sculptures and even the happy kids sailing mini boats in the central basin.

There are so many beautiful colours and my opinion is that the harmony in this garden is perfect to relax the mind.

[metaslider id=6151]

Bois de Boulogne

This is the place to experience more forest nature in the middle of the city!

I love to go for a run in this area and just enjoy the views and the natural environment!

You can also visit here the impressive Louis Vuitton Foundation.

Bois de Boulogne​

Monceau Park

Another great place to do some exercise outside!

You can see there many people running, stretching and enjoying working out in the open air!

This park is located in the middle of the city – the 8th arrondissement.

The access is through large iron gates which are enhanced in gold.

You won’t believe the extent of the peace & beauty in the atmosphere there.

[metaslider id=6165]

Jardin des Plantes

This place is a botanical garden and you can learn there a lot about different plants.

When you walk around the gardens you will see that each plant is well signed with its name and purpose, truly amazing!

For the geology lovers (like me) – don’t miss the Mineralogy Museum.

[metaslider id=6137]

I encourage you to visit as many beautiful nature spots where you are living, nature helps us to connect to our soul. 

I hope you will love my recommendations and will check them all when you are next in Paris.


Pazit Azoulay

Pazit Azoulay is a certified naturopath based in London, member of the following regulatory bodies: NNA, CNHC and GNC.
Paz By Nature ltd website is a health & wellness blog aimed to provide inspiration, healthy recipes and information about natural remedies.

Find me on: Instagram | Facebook

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