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About Fiskolia a high-quality fish oil supplements, why & how to take?

Why taking fish oil supplements?

OMEGA-3‘s are ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS that the body must get from the diet. We need omega 3 fatty acids to function (part of our cell membranes)they also provide important health benefits (for example, they help to reduce inflammation)

Foods high in Omega-3 from the type of EPA and DHA are mainly sourced from the sea like fish, seafood and certain types of algae. ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) is another omega-3 fatty acid that found in plant-based food sources such as nuts, seeds and some leafy green vegetables.

Your body can convert some ALA into EPA and then to DHA, but only in small amounts. For that reason, getting EPA and DHA from foods (or supplements, like fish oil) is the practical way to increase levels of these specific type of omega-3 fatty acids in your body.

About Fiskolia- Icelandic fish oil, how does it taste like and how to consume? 

In 2017 &2018 Fiskolia fish oil is a won an award for its superior taste. Fiskolia fish oil has a gentle and not fishy taste and does not have an aftertaste or burping effect. This enables consumption of fish oil for those who dislike typical fish oil taste or capsules.

It comes in 2 flavours- Orange / Natural, both are good because of the source of the raw materials (wild Icelandic herring) and gentle processing method that ensures low oxidation levels. Fiskolia offers an option for omega 3+ Astaxanthin (sourced from Icelandic algae) that also comes in an orange flavour.  Astaxanthin is a reddish pigment that belongs to the carotenoids family. It occurs naturally in certain algae and makes the pink or red pigment of salmon, trout and flamingo (because they consume this carotenoid antioxidant ). Astaxanthin offers antioxidant, photoprotective (protect against sunlight damage) and anti-inflammatory effects. Particularly beneficial for eyes and skin health.

The recommended daily dosage is 1 tablespoon (10 ml) that will provide you:

  • EPA + DHA 1380 mg
  • Omega-3 1900 mg
  • Vitamin-A 460 µg
  • Vitamin-D 20 µg (800 IU)

I recommend to take it with a meal for better absorption. *It is also available in capsules if you prefer.

More details about the source of Fiskolia fish

Fiskolia is a full spectrum Omega 3 fish oil from wild herring caught in the North Atlantic Ocean surrounding Iceland. The responsibly controlled herring fisheries are at the heart of developing a sustainable base for employment in the Icelandic fishing villages.

FISKOLÍA is committed to reducing the impact on the planet with sustainable packaging materials according to the United Nations SDG Sustainable Development Goals.

You can find Fiskolia fish oil in health stores in the UK and online check the products on Amazon. 

Learn more about Fiskolia check out Fiskolia website.

Pazit Azoulay

Pazit Azoulay is a certified naturopath based in London, member of the following regulatory bodies: NNA, CNHC and GNC.
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