Amour Natural Organic Shea Butter 80g


Sourced from a women’s cooperative in Ghana. This Shea butter is refined, high in oleic acid and stearic acid, and vitamins A, E and F. It is suitable for those who may be prone to dry skin. Lightly refined for a light odour.

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Ingredients: 100% pure organic shea butter.

Lightly refined for a light odour.

This product is suitable for the following requirements:

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This product is hypoallergenic / does not contain any of the 14 major allergens listed in Annex II (1169/2011) of the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation.


Apply to skin as desired. Shea butter is hard and solid at room temperature. To gently soften the shea butter, keep in a warm room, or put the jar in a bowl of hot water before use.


Avoid water getting into the jar. Keep lid securely on between uses.

Additional Warnings

Do not purchase or consume if the seal is broken Keep out of reach of children


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