The world of Crystals and Gemstones is so beautiful, reflecting NATURAL BEAUTY!

One of my favourite topic of interest in life is Mineralogy, learning about Crystals and Gemstones!

I have collected Gemstones since I was a child. Over the years, I have gathered knowledge about their energy healing qualities.

This is the reason that I always have a gemstone with me when I meditate.

Gemstones in everyday life

You can carry crystal on you as part of jewellery or by just placing the crystal in your bag or your pocket to enjoy their relaxing, energetic vibes.

Nowadays, I’m placing gemstones around in Paz By Nature clinic to enjoy their healing properties and support change during treatments.

When you purchase a gemstone, choose the gemstone intuitively and then learn its qualities. You will often find that the qualities of that particular stone are related to the spiritual guidance you need currently in your life.

Emerald crystal


People have used gems through history often as part of a cultural tradition.

People worldwide have worn crystals and combined them into decoration: cups, perfume bottles, mirrors, artwork and other accessories.

bottles with gemstones

You can often see their use as a sign of wealth and status, and some people use them to protect against negative energy.

gemstones and culture

When I’m travelling, I particularly love to visit museums and galleries that have collections of minerals.

Both Paris and London have wonderful collections in museums:

London Natural History Museum

London Natural History Museum Gemstones London Natural History Museum Gemstones London Natural History Museum Gemstones London Natural History Museum Gemstones London Natural History Museum Gemstones

Paris Mineralogy Museum

If you love to see these beautiful and inspiring collections, I suggest you check them out!

Special visit recommendation:

If you visit Paris before 5th June 2017 and have a passion or even a mild interest in Crystals and gemstones, I suggest visiting this jewellery exhibition on display at the Grand Palais. 

Enjoy, Paz


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