Red Chestnut Bach Flower Remedy suitable for over-protective and self-sacrificing people that are worrying too much for others wellbeing. 

When even the smallest accident is a sign of a disaster, they see the negative side and feeling worried about others. 

Red Chestnut is remedy helps you to deal with this type of fear of the other’s welfare.

At some point these worries become exaggerated, they may well become a burden not simply to you, but also to the people on whose behalf you are worrying.

The remedy helps you to be more constructive in the way you feel about other people, giving you the ability to remain calm if an actual emergency arises. 

The remedy helps you to keep a sense of proportion.

This means that you will become a source of strength and reassurance, rather than, always fearing the worst, and always anticipating misfortune for others.

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