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Rome- about Tradition, Food & Water

Rome, the capital of Italy is a symbol of beauty and culture everywhere in the world.

Last week I came back from a wonderful 2 weeks vacation in Rome, The Eternal City!


On this blog post, I will share with you my inspiration from the city.

When I studied nutrition, I learned about the importance of the fresh ingredients, making time to eat, about the Mediterranian diet, digestive herbs and the importance of sharing the mealtime with family & friends together.

I found all these elements in Rome.

Rome is a beautiful city, you can find there everything.

If you wish to learn about the wonderful history and culture of Rome, just walk in the streets and you will feel amazed by your surroundings: the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon and many more sites everywhere around you.


For shopping – one of the options is a walk in the beautiful Via del Corso, located right in the historic centre of Rome.

Piazza Venezia

Food – To enjoy good food, Italian cuisine is simply wonderful, Try to explore the real Italian cuisine.
More about this soon.
The Vatican City found inside of Rome is the religious centre of the Catholic world.

Now let’s speak about Tradition-

Rome is all about taking your time to Enjoy Life and you can see it through the food culture of Italy.

The meal is a Celebration

it always starts with antipasti-
cold cuts meats or veggies (healthier option)

 A small portion of food and drink in order to open your appetite.

on the table, there is always fresh water

The water in Rome is delicious, you can drink from the tap,
all around the city, there are water fountains
called “Nasone” (pronounced “na-soh-nay”)  means big nose because of their shape
with fresh spring water from the mountains.

 After the antipasti, the main course will be served

always fresh ingredients according to the Mediterranean diet principles

The Mediterranean diet plan is a combination of the traditional cooking styles of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea — from Spain to the Middle East. 2

The diet is characterized by abundant plant foods
(fruits, vegetables, breads, other forms of cereals, potatoes, beans, nuts, and seeds),
fresh fruit as the typical daily dessert, olive oil as the principal source of fat, dairy products
(principally cheese and yoghurt),
fish and poultry consumed in low to moderate amounts,
zero to four eggs consumed weekly,
red meat consumed in low amounts,
and wine consumed in low to moderate amounts, normally with meals. 1

An increasing number of researchers continue to demonstrate that eating a diet rich in plant foods and “good” fats protects against cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. 2

But not only What you eat and drink

Also How

Italy is a country of tradition

You can see it everywhere.

The meal is also part of the tradition
Food is important, it exists to enjoy

especially with a lot of other people together.

At the meal time, all the family always sits together.
The meal is not only to eat, it is also time to enjoy the company.
there are many psychological, social and biological benefits of eating meals with other people.
It is used at the of the meal to drink a digestif drink (Italian Digestivi)
like an Amaro, which translates to “bitter”
These drinks by tradition made as a herbal medicinal complex of bitter herbs, roots, barks, berries, spices, flowers, and citrus peels.

These drinks are usually considered after-dinner drinks and often serve to aid digestion.

According to the herbal medicine, it is good to consume bitter herbs in order to digest better the food.

If you want to adjust this principle to a healthy diet,
you can choose bitter herbal tea at the end of the meal.

From the Italian cuisine, we can learn many things,
and adjust it to our cuisine.

Remember to enjoy food, eat in the right portions, choose the fresh ingredients and take your time to eat.


Watch my Rome inspiration YouTube-

Pazit Azoulay

Pazit Azoulay is a certified naturopath based in London, member of the following regulatory bodies: NNA, CNHC and GNC.
Paz By Nature ltd website is a health & wellness blog aimed to provide inspiration, healthy recipes and information about natural remedies.

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