As a Naturopath, there are many skin conditions that people usually come to me for advice about,

The most commons ones are acne and anti-ageing..

On this blog post, I want to share with you my experience at “TOTAL BODY CARE” clinic in south London.

who invited me to experience full personal treatment plan,
that includes a questionnaire with a wide background check of my lifestyle and habits, skin scan, facial treatment and make-up session.

skin care
Total Body Care, 31 Clapham High Street, London, SW4 7TR.

I felt very happy to try this treatment and I want to share it with you, my dear readers!

First I met the lovely Georgia from iiaa who gave me a full skin analysis that includes a detailed questionnaire in order to collect all the data she needed before the analysis.

She asked me questions about my skin, my general health, my diet, my skincare routine and what will be the changes that I would like to see in my skin.

skin care

After collecting all the important background info (this took about 10-15 minutes)
we started the process with a machine that scanned my skin and showed us the complete analysis on the computer screen.

I was super excited to see my skin like this!

I always try to take very good care of my skin and always love to use the cleanest natural products.

Furthermore, I support my skin from within with healthy and balanced nutrition and supplements when needed.

Here are some pictures of you to see the procedure:

skin care

Our skin is a result of lifestyle habits, genetics and nutrition.

We can choose to support our body from within by choosing life habits that feel good for us if this is to practice meditation, go out to nature and do the things we like to do in order to feel more calm and happy in our daily life.

We can choose to have a good diet, balanced one, which supplies us all the nutrients that we need.

We can support our body from the inside with supplements and herbal medicine.

After the scan, I got a complete explanation about the products that I should use in order to help my skin to be at its best!

Georgia advises me about supplements from the- Advanced Nutrition Programme, skin specific vitamins.

When we finished the scan we scheduled a facial treatment 🙂

About the facial- with Environ Skincare products

facial is always a good idea!

and this facial was totally amazing!!!

When I came to the facial I met Emma- that greeted me kindly and told me about the ENVIRON products before she started the facial.

She cleaned my skin with pre-cleansing oil that contains high amounts of vitamin E,

then she used an amazing clay masque

and more cleaning and toning the skin…

she applied on my skin concentrated hyaluronic serum to hydrate and smoothing my skin

and finish with a moisturizer that concentrated with Vitamin A
(Vitamin A helps to reduce wrinkles, fade brown spots and smooth roughness)

Skin care total body care


I felt very happy with the suggestions and the treatment, the people who work at Total Body Care are really professionals and kind.


Once I completed the facial I met Isabella, a talented makeup artist
that introduced me the natural range of products by “Jane Iredale“.

skin care

Jane Iredale makeup is derived from high-quality mineral, vitamins, antioxidants and works with your existing skincare routine offering perfect coverage and nourishing care.

For healthy skin – it is highly important to use makeup that will not harm your skin!

For the foundation she used Golden Glow pressed powder with Handi Brush,

In between, she sprayed Pommisst Facial Spritz that helped me to feel fully refresh and I felt my skin breathing.

For the lips- a beautiful red colour

and for my eyes- a black gel eyeliner.

You can find the range of products at Total Body Care store in Clapham or Online

Until the next time

Love, Paz


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