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There is a strong connection between what we eat to how we feel.

Digestive problems are very common. They can occur from many reasons like malnutrition, stress, stomach pH imbalance, deficiency in digestive enzymes, inflammation and other bowel diseases, an imbalance in gut bacteria and overgrowth of harmful bacteria.

Through the digestive system, we are getting the nutrients to maintain all our body functions.

Proper digestion contributes to a better function of all our body, from sleep, trough better mood (in the gut lining there are serotonin receptors), and better immunity defence.

The digestive system starts from the mouth, where the salivary glands release amylase, an enzyme that helps you break down the food.

Continue to the stomach where the food breaks down and proceed through the intestine where more nutrients are absorbed.

Digestive system

In our gut, there is a community of good bacteria called- probiotics.

These are live microorganisms that provide benefits to us in many different ways.

There are many options to gain more of these good bacteria and keep your body healthy and strong with your diet. 

In case you suffer from any digestive problem it will be useful for you to add more good bacteria to your diet- it can be fermented foods or supplements.


A 2016 review about probiotics mentioned the following health benefits:  

probiotics health benefits

The fastest way to increase the good bacteria is to take a probiotics supplement.

There is a big range of supplements on the market; the best option for you depends on your individual needs.

A general guideline for more severe problems is to take a higher amount of probiotics, around 30 billion and with a wide variety of strains.

For overall health support, a lower dosage of 5- 10 billion will be good. 

You can even make your probiotics! Check out this guide about how to make kombucha

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